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    SensRock™ Cuddle Swing Kit

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    Victoria P.
    "My special needs children love this swing! I have two of them. My son is milder than my daughter. I bought the swing for her room. She goes through moments of getting very overstimulated, and then her behavior is uncontrollable. I needed SOMETHING to help calm her. 

    This was the answer! It’s been two months since my husband hung it in her room, and she goes to it every single day. The material hugs her, giving her the compression she needs when she gets overstimulated. For a special needs parent, this swing is a MUST! It is very worth the investment."

    Is Your Child Experiencing Sensory Challenges?

    This Will Revolutionize The Way You Handle Meltdowns, Lack Of Focus & Other Sensory Challenges

    After raising our own sensory kids, we wanted a solution that was just as effective as the ones used in Occupational Therapy clinics, but in our own home! That's when we created this SensRock™ Cuddle Swing Kit.

    How It Works

    The secret that makes this swing so effective at teaching kids how to self-regulate their emotions is the magic of Vestibular Input-- (a fancy way of saying 'the sensation of movement'). 

    Vestibular input calms your child in minutes and allows them to self-regulate their emotions for hours. This means better focus while in class, doing their homework, and during family activities.

    Occupational Therapists have known about it's hidden ability to speed up a child's sensory processing and have since been used sensory swings as part of their practice for years!

    And now you can reap all the benefits in your own home!


    Less Stress, Less Meltdown & A Better Opportunity For Your Kid To Learn & Play

    Now your child can...

    ✅ boost mood and focus right from home 

    ✅ focus better in the classroom and during homework time

    ✅ stay calm in overstimulated environment such as schools, supermarkets, malls and family gatherings

    ✅ feel more confidence and have better self esteem

    ✅ have the perfect calm space to take a break and regroup

    ✅ get less upset and frustrated when something doesn't go their way

    ✅ have more control over their tantrums and meltdowns

    You'll no longer have to feel exhausted, frustrated and embarrassed about your child's behaviour. No more feeling like a bad parent. 

    Easily Install In 10 Minutes

    Please note: 

    - Adult supervision is always required at all times

    - Be aware of floor, wall, and head protection

    - Make sure the swing is able to support the user(s)

    - Children who are seizure prone may require additional precautions

    - Make sure the child has the ability to stop on their own at a moment's notice

    - The child must want to swing on their own.


    SensRock is proud to support the National Autism Association Inc. (Charity ID #20-0032380). For every order you purchase, a portion of profits are donated to support this great cause ♥︎


      This sensory swing is designed for kids 3 years or older. The sensory swing is designed to hold up to 100 Kg, the seat is wide enough to accommodate the height of a full sized adult.

      It can hold up to 100 Kg.

      Yes, swing height can be adjusted to varying ceiling heights (250-350 cm) by using the daisy chain included. The daisy chain allows you to adjust to fit for different needs. Since the fabric is a little bit stretchy, you're recommended to adjust and hang the indoor swing at lest 60 cm off the ground (measured from the ground to the bottom of the indoor swing seat), sometimes you need to make adjustment and raise up the swing according to your kids weight.

      Very easy, the swing comes with all hardware you need to hang indoors. You can install this swing in 10 minutes.

      Yes, in fact the screws included are best for wooden ceilings. Alternatively, you can hang the swing with our Adjustable Doorway Hanger without any drilling.

      Yes, our accessories include 1 x installation manual, 1 x carabiner, 1 x o-rope, 1 x daisy chain, 1 x ceiling mount bracket and 4 x screws.

      Yes you can. It is fabric so I wouldn’t leave it out when it is not being used.

      It is 100% nylon.

      The swing fabric is made of 100% Nylon Tricot. It is very soft, breathable, and slightly see through, but very sturdy, strong enough to bear the weight of an adult. But please note the hanging straps can bear 100 Kg only.

      Yes and air dry recommended.

      The swing is about 150 cm in width, 280 cm in height. Hanging hardwares and sling daisy strap are included in the package, fits for 250 cm to 350 cm ceiling.

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